It's Time To Prioritize

The last week my main thoughts were about developer tools, frameworks to polish the knowledge about and priorities for my pet projects.

My working situation forced me to code in Atom for some time. I had opportunity to try different plugins and read about some tips and tricks. I really wanted to evaluate if Atom's worth tinkering with, and I did. My summary is that in presence of VSCode all other code editors fall into the shade. It's very handy out of the box and I haven't found any flaws in it. I'm using WebStorm at work, it's our team tool. But I'm thinking about switching to VSCode there as I did at home, 'cos I really like it. I tried Sublime, Brackets, TextMate and some other tools, but none have suited my needs the way VSCode does.

Having sorted the tooling question out I switched to frameworks. This week I've tried Elm and I like the way it can work along with React. I'm not familiar with functional programming sufficiently to proceed with Elm instead of JavaScript, but I'm going to come back to it after I get enough knowledge and experience in corresponding topics. I like functional programming paradigm very much, and I like the ways React uses it and Elm polishes it.

At the same time, my favourite framework is still AngularJS. For me it's the simplest and handies of all including its younger brother, Angular (though I didn't dive deep enough to it). It was created when developer life was easier and happier and I like "warm tube sound" of it.

So I decided to prioritize my work on the modern AngularJS starter and finish it, and tighten knowledge of the framework itself and unit testing in it at the same time.

Therefore this week I'm going to dedicate most of my spare time to AngularJS coding including migrating one of my pet projects (son's school web project on healing plants) from React to AngularJS.

The last week I made some more choices on tooling: Webpack over Gulp (gulp is pain), Gatsby over Wordpress (I didn't expect Gatsby will be so pleasant experience), Functional programming over Object-Oriented programming (the first one is so slick, pure and beautiful). And we iterated on designs of pet projects with my wife - it's the nicest part of my software development activities.

I like the way coding becomes an integral part of my life and I'm going to develop our relationships further.

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