The Great Gatsby Or DevOps Hero

This week I went out a little from my declared priorities, though my AngularJS -> Angular project got off the ground both with designs and with the first code.

I made a couple of iterations on designs for my personal site/blog and my Kaizen app which I'm going to code with AngularJS and then migrate to Angular for the sake of experience. Looks like I will really need it in my work in the near future. I like drawing mockups for my projects with simple pencil and a sheet of paper. I got used to it when I did my pens for #DailyCSSImages, and now I use hand-drawn mockups and prototypes almost every time I make something with code. I prefer it over applications because it's faster, there's more freedom, and because I simply like to draw.

I worked with Gatsby.js a lot this week for my personal site. I like this static sites generator because it's fast, simple, customizable (the plugins are really cool and handy), and because it uses React of course. That fact helps me learn React even not learning it intentionally and rather in the background. I had added some pages to blog so now it's more than a blog, used native CSS variables for the fist time in my life, though added Sass which I find useful everywhere (I don't personally like styled components implementation and working with them), implemented some responsive design features for the navbar (with handcrafted media queries) and other styling features. I really like how handy the Gatsby is for the fast coding. I used to create siple sites with WordPress earlier but now I will not come back to it anymore (I hate PHP to be honest).

The challenge for me was to deploy this personal site to gh-pages with custom domain. I didn't know there are many hidden rocks in this process. I really felt myself a Deployment Hero after I'd managed to deploy my work to at last and set up stable pipeline for it in two days of #100DaysOfCode. But I like the established deployment process because now it's simle and engages only my Gatsby code and (not taking into account the domain name provider). So this is the fastest and handiest way to build a site and deploy it (when you know all the rules), maybe I'll even write a tutorial for that in future.

I also was sorting my bookmarks this week and watched some videos on functional programming along with reading the articles about it. I like this programming paradigm and am going to use it everywhere, even in my AngularJS apps.

Returning to the AngularJS -> Angular project, I have to admit that I will need to add a module bundler to it though I really liked to code without helpers and development tools. But at this stage I will need TypeScript and some Angular migration packages, and it doesn't worth to hurt oneself this much. Though toolless codeing was the great experience and feeling. It made this cold Siberian week a little warmer.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that I'd found the IndieHackes Community and decided to join it some day to become self-employed Software Developer and make something cool and useful for this world. Just a little more experience and hard work, and I'm there.

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