New Round

I've started new round of #100DaysOfCode challenge (woot woot!)

This time I'm gonna deal with mobile development and related technologies.

I occasionally found some information about Flutter and Dart, and realized that this stack combines everything I like and eliminate everything I don't like in mobile development (both Android and iOS). All sides of code in one file, static types, simple and familiar syntax and architecture, best performance for cross-platform development, good tooling, great young and hungry community, etc.

So I decided to dedicate this round of my #100DaysOfCode to Flutter and Dart. And since I'm still a web developer, or, to be specific, an Angular developer, I also decided to give AngularDart a try too. I'm gonna rebuild my 'Coder Library' app written in Angular 5 to AngularDart, adding ngrx to it, 'cos I like Flux and Redux architecture and want to use it in Angular apps.

That's my new aim, and I hope this can possibly become something bigger than a part of the challenge for me.

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