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Welcome to my links page! Here you can find all the resources where you can connect with me.

  • Email — I ❤️ emails the most!
  • LinkedIn — I'm there for meaningful work-related connections mostly, don't like the vanity fair part though
  • Mastodon — trying to get a glimpse of it yet
  • Twitter/X — I loved that, but I don't like what it becomes at all, so a rare guest
  • GitHub — my public code is there mostly
  • CodePen — some early CSS experiments, use as a minimalist sandbox here and there
  • DEV — my main source of reading these days; I also repost some stuff there, and write some original texts too, for dedicated discussions mostly
  • Hashnode — my second reading source
  • Reddit — some interesting search results lead there very often, it's hard to ignore
  • StackOverflowthat website... you know...
  • Discord — my username there is .fyodorio, if you'd like to connect (not a frequent guest, but hangout here and there — some awesome communities reside on Discord exclusively)

Generic attributions

  • Source code for this website — GitHub
  • Lightbulb icons — UIcons

Cover photo by Manuel Sardo from Unsplash