It Works!

The last week I tried to follow the plan and schedule declared in the previous post and managed to do this successfully and with good results.

I had started with Angular and made a good progress: I coded the app based on official tutorial but about my coding library. By this time I had already delved into Angular components, directives, services, observables, routing and DI, learned more TypeScript awesomeness and Angular CLI powers.

From React side I learned more about Gatsby.js-specific React features and also developed Firebase back end API for my React Contact List app. The last thing was challenging due to absence of up-to-date tutorials and poor official Firebase API description. But it was funny and extremely useful for me. Additionally I had spent a lot of time fighting with some Gatsby.js plugins, but it's a sad story (I had failed and rolled back).

I also had got my hands dirty with unit testing. I learned different aspects of TDD and BDD and applied them using Mocha and Chai. I definitely need more practice but this session was cool for beginning.

Finally, I had coded my own Hash Table with JavaScript, guiding article and an Aditya Bhargava's book.

So it's needless to say that having a plan, a schedule and a set of priorities helps a lot on any learning way, and the last week proved this concept for me in all the things.

The following week is going to be my final #100DaysOfCode week and I'm a little nervous about it. But I guess this is a story for another blog post.

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