Getting Used To React

Recently I found myself thinking that I'm getting used to React. It's component-oriented philosophy is closer and closer to me now, the more code I write in React. I was affraid that I will not like it as much as I like AngularJS ('cos I really do still). But now I see better all the pros and cons of both React's component library approach and AngularJS' full-featured framework ecosystem.

The last week I'd made the React Quiz project and started the next one: an application for searching movie information using IMDB API. It engages Flux which I was waiting impatiently to meet with all these 50 days (the fifty days I'm on my #100DaysOfCode way).

I also read a lot about Gatsby and things that one can made with it. For instance, I'd found that there are some advanced starters which I could use to make this blog. But I'm glad that I didn't because now I've got my hands dirty with more intrinsic mechanisms behind building a static site with Gatsby and it's plugins. Today I'd wrote the plan for further development of this blog and it's UI and I hope that I'll have a great time and experience with the React's static-site colleague.

I didn't forget about algorithms this week and implemented Quick Sort and Merge Sort using recursive functions and ES6 syntax. It was challenging because I'd barely found any useful JS-specific information on the web, but It was very interesting. I'm glad that I'd managed to use some of ES6 features I didn't use before.

So the aim for the next spare-time-coding week is to finish the uppermentioned React/Flux application, get familiar with the next bunch of algorithms (hash tables this time) and get some progress with this blog's UI.

Have a good code!

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