Daily CSS Images

I want to tell a short story this time. The story about funny challenge that changed my life.

It was called #DailyCssImages and you can guess what it was all about. I always liked to draw and wanted to learn CSS better (at this time I just finished HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Web Developers course by Johns Hopkins University at Coursera). So this challenge - to draw a CSS-only image daily - was nothing really big for me at the beginning.

But after a couple of pens I started to like it and put the hours in. I drew sketches on paper and planned how to implement them in code. I started to learn CSS animation, transitions, 3D features. Then I found that HTML and CSS preprocessors are the great tools making CSS art much easier. I tried to use some new knowledge in each pen. Some of my pens were appearing at the Codepen's main page and it was the great feeling.

I didn't work as a Web Developer at this time yet but wanted to. And I had nothing really to show to potential employer, except for these CSS images. But I was ashamed of the small scale of this work and wouldn't make it a part of the portfolio, of course.

My wife would. And did. (I'll always owe a debt to you, Maria) She showed them to her employer, and he liked it and (!) made me an offer for half-time remote junior position with respect to self-learning time required for new job requirements.

It's the important lesson I want to share with everyone: don't be afraid to expose your work, even if it was made for the soul and you didn't mean to make something bigger of it. People always value the time and dedication you invest in something.

And I'm grateful to Michael Mangialardi - the guy behind the Daily CSS Images - for this opportunity to learn and show my experience, and land a real job at the end. And though he'd stopped it, I hope he'll make something big in the Internet again.

It's about a year I'm here. I'm working full time now and switched to JavaScript mostly. But I will never forget where it all had started, and CSS will always be more than just cascading style sheets for me.

I've made a small showcase for the described CSS images the last week, you can find it (with the list of challenges included) here.

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