My Code Portfolio

You can find the examples of my code here. Not much, actually, because I work at my first professional Software Developer job currently, and its results are under NDA. But I can share my own work-related and spare-time experience here to show the things I can and like to do, and the directions I want to develop my skills in.

Problem Solving

Most of these code samles were developed and used in one or another form inside of real world applications for solving corresponding challenges and issues.

Pet Projects

The code I try to develop in my spare time and am going to make production-ready the other day.

  • ng-hotrod - simple modern starter for AngularJS + Angular Material + ES6 + Sass + Webpack using latest AngularJS best practices and approaches
  • my-days-of-code - the repository for this site made with Gatsby and React where I experiment with these two tools along with GraphQL, Sass, Markdown and other interesting stuff
  • Maker App - task management React application I want to extend with financial/fitness tracking and other bells and whistles

For The Soul

The code samples I use for learning, self-development and fun.

  • 1, 2, 3 - some code examples I developed during learning React/Flux and related tools/technologies
  • JS algorithms - set of CS algorithms implementations I use on my learning path
  • JS programming idioms - testing some of the most popular and widely used javascript idioms

Code Art

CSS images, animations and other creative code stuff I love and try to make as often as possible.

  • My CSS Images showcase - a kind of exhibition app for pure CSS images I made for #dailycssimages challenge
  • 1 and 2 - another couple of CSS-only coding examples