Who Am I?

My name is Fyodor. I'm a Software Developer. I use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create web applications with a focus on simplicity, both in design and in implementation.

My tools of choice are:

  • Semantic HTML and Web Components
  • SASS for CSS preprocessing
  • Latest ECMAScript / TypeScript
  • Webpack for module transpiling and bundling the sources
  • Karma+Mocha+Chai+Sinon for Unit Testing
  • ESLint for code checks
  • Yarn for running all the scripts and automation
  • Git for Version Control
  • AngularJS / Angular for severe mood
  • React for sassy mood
  • Bootstrap for fast app prototyping
  • Gatsby.js for building solid and simple web pages (e.g. this one)
  • Codepen for experiments and Code Art
  • Functional Programming as a preffered coding paradigm
  • WebStorm for severe mood
  • VSCode for sassy mood
  • JAVA and IDEA when I get nostalgic about Object-Oriented Programming
  • A pencil and a paper for design mockups

I'm a passionate learner and try to get new knowledge with any opportunity. That's why I participate in #100DaysOfCode challenge and use this blog to record some related thoughts.